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Australian Sandstone Collection

Australian Sandstone is the newest addition to the Byzantine Design range, and I’m fairly excited. Sandstone would be classed as our national stone, if we were to have one. The many different colour ranges in sandstone make it applicable to almost every design, from indoor to outdoor. Byzantine Design offer five main colour ranges, and they are as follows –


Sydney – the traditional coloured sandstone, ivory background with gold – brown veining

Bister – greige background, with chunkier gold banding. Darker than Sydney

Ivory – white to pale grey sandstone with minimal veining

Sienna – white to pink background. Veining from purples to browns

Homestead – A chunky version of Sydney sandstone


In addition to wall cladding, we have paving and slabs. We are also in the process of developing a porcelain backed tile with a sandstone veneer. Bespoke finishes and nosing details are also available.