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Mosaics Collection

At Byzantine Design’s very first inception I was going to create mosaics - mirrors, tables, floor panels. If it could be mosaiced then I was going to create it. Having created a few masterpieces I decided that I couldn’t really compete with what was being imported from overseas. The name Byzantine Design stemmed form this, the Byzantium era is when a lot of the amazing mosaics in Europe were first created. So to say I have a soft spot for mosaics would be an understatement.


With amazing new technologies such as laser and water jet cutting we are seeing some stunning mosaics being imported into Australia. Carrara marble will always be a design classic, and you could never go wrong with a hexagonal floor or subway tile. The resurgence in Hampton’s interiors is creating a resurgence in mosaics especially in Carrara, we also import Calacatta and Volakas which are stunning alternatives to Carrara.


Glass and metallic mosaics have come a long way. Want a more industrial vibe? Then look at the Perla or Lumineux ranges, simple neutral colours with a pearlescent finish.