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Natural Stone Collection

Have you ever travelled overseas to somewhere like Siem Reap in Cambodia? Perhaps you have walked through the temples and touched the stone they were built from? They feel different, you can feel the energy of who has lived there, who has travelled through. Stone is a natural substance; it takes on the energy of where it is. A natural stone floor cannot be surpassed. Each floor, by its very nature is unique, it ages with the house and takes on its own patina depending upon wear.


Look at famous building s throughout the world –

The Acropolis

The Parthenon

Stone Henge

The cobbled streets of Italy


These are all made from stone, all hundreds to thousands of years old and still look as amazing, if not better than when they were first erected.

Why wouldn’t you want to bring that history into your home?

Want a unique floor that ages as your home does? Want a floor that is unique, that no one else has? Natural stone is the choice for you. As long as the stone is looked after correctly then a natural stone floor will enhance your home.

The collection is carefully curated from all over the world; we have stone from Italy, Spain, Iran, Indonesia and Turkey

Please note, that the selection on the site is a curated gallery which is merely indicative of what Byzantine Design can offer. Byzantine Design is able to source most materials available around the world. If you have a product that you would like us to source, we can do that for you.