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The Team



Having worked in the tile and stone industry for 17 years, Byzantine Design is a reflection of Dara’s keen eye for design, love of unique textures and passion for beautiful spaces.


Dara is the Founder and Curator of Byzantine Design, working closely with interior designers to offer design and technical advice and, of course, curating unique tiles from across the globe to service commercial and residential projects all over Australia. From innovative interior designers, to film sets, costume design and fashion runways, Dara finds inspiration in the world around us and the people Byzantine Design work with. Each morning, as Dara arrives at her store, she never forgets to say hello and welcome it up to a new day, because Byzantine Design is about more than just products. It’s about stories, people and joy.


Favourite tile or material: Anything tumbled – something that already looks like it has been there for a few hundred years. I think that extends back to my dream of wanting to be an archaeologist. I also love our new range by Botteganove, they are a handmade tile from Italy that is inspired by feathers.


Learn more about Dara’s story on our About Us page here.



Cathy Mulcahy is the linchpin that allows Byzantine Design to run smoothly and efficiently. Her role encompasses everything from sales to sourcing, purchasing, design and general management of the business. With a background spanning 25 years in fashion design and product development, she’s an avid learner with qualifications across the textile industry, marketing, psychology and sales. She loves the diversity of her role and, in particular, the buzz she gets when helping clients make design choices that are built on passion and brighten their lives. She especially loves working amongst such beautiful tiles, likening it to working in a lolly shop, spending many nights awake planning all the wonderful ways to use them.


Favourite tile or material: That’s a hard one because just when I fall in love with a tile something new arrives and I fall in love all over again. I just can’t choose. It’s like choosing which one of my daughters I love the most. I love them all!



A lover of all things beautiful, Eve Alexiadis has worked in the architecture and design industry for 13 years. Eve brings to the team broad experience across both commercial fit-outs and residential projects, with a strong knowledge of commercial furniture, textiles and carpet. Inspired by art, colour and pattern, she loves working with clients, in particular getting to know their style, values and goals for the project. She’s committed to providing excellent customer service and truly loves helping clients bring ideas to life. Her gorgeous pooch, Ollie, is also a regular visitor at the Byzantine Design office, and is a tile lover himself.


Favourite tile or material: It’s hard to decide because everything is so beautiful. I have to say, however, that the Retro White Herringbone Mosaic is the tile I’ve chosen for my own kitchen.