Naomi Modae - Inspiring Tiler, Multi-Skilled Tradie | Byzantine Community

Naomi Modae - Inspiring Tiler, Multi-Skilled Tradie | Byzantine Community

Naomi Modae is a "jack of all trades" tradie based on the Morning Peninsula, who also does detailed tiling work using mosaics and patterned tiles. Her business is called "One Room at a Time"
I've been following Naomi on her Instagram for a while now, and I'm so motivated by all of the things she can do! She's such a naturally gifted person with her hands, and any of the trades she learns she seems to master. I am always in awe of her skills and level of patience. There aren't many female tilers/tradies, and reading her story has really inspired me. We're meeting up for a gin in a couple of weeks and I'm excited to finally meet her in person then.
What has been your biggest lesson over the pandemic?
Unexpected changes can actually be a beautiful thing. Facing fears of not being able to plan ahead, or making a whole new structure from scratch gives you "fresh eyes, a blank page, and a fresh soul."
Have your priorities shifted?
I've learned that I need to make "me" more of a daily priority. Basically the same care and attention I give to my clients on the daily, is what I need to dedicate to myself also. Since changing this, I have noticed some valuable changes in my belief system. It was a great shake up to be honest, as I live alone, and saw no one through the 3 month lock down except my two dogs.
Who is someone who has made a difference in your life/business?
Every business + individual I come in contact with, with a story. Whether small, large or solo. I'm such a "sponge". I love learning everything from seeing how people operate life, how they treat clients, how they communicate, what works what doesn't. Through their words and then their actions. Did I say I love learning?


Who do you think is an unsung hero of your industry?

I'd have to say ME!

I feel that I have a lot to offer the industry due to being a female tradie + qualified interior designer. I love to show others that your age, sex, having dyslexia or studying for new skills or qualifications doesn't EVER have to stop! I've just finished completing additional advanced courses in Venetian plastering + am currently studying Cert III in waterproofing + running my own business. I'm such a big believer of following your passions, even if they keep evolving or changing!


If you could change one thing about the World right now (lofty question, I
know), what would you change?

For people to stop and to really get to know themselves on a deep level, connect with themselves, find out what makes them tick. This would change the world, people would find real happiness and also have more appreciation for life, when they find this simple yet complex awareness. There is nothing more beautiful than speaking to someone who is connected with themselves, I hear the most amazing and inspiring rich stories.


Who are your ultimate dinner party guests from any time?

Pharrell williams! He is exactly the person that encompasses the answer above about changing the world.

Travis Barker (wow! behind all those tattoos, what an incredibly humble creative soul)

Patricia Urquiola (she is so connected with her design, her design speaks from her soul. And what she creates speaks to my soul)

If I could have a night with these three people, we would have dinner and wine and great conversation until the sunset came up. I think my heart and mouth would hurt so much from smiling and talking, because I would love listening to what they all have to say, because it would be pure.


You can find Naomi on her current Instagram, or on the new one that's in the works.

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