Earthy Tones are Trending in 2021

Earthy Tones are Trending in 2021

Up until 2020, many people have been leaning towards neutral colours in their interiors, with white and grey being incredibly predominant. Since the pandemic, people have been spending more time at home and so earthy colours have been making a comeback - creating a warmer and more welcoming environment. Terracotta is resurfacing as one of the more popular materials in building projects, and oranges, reds and pinks are often the go-to for feature walls.

Markle Marble Crazy Pave

Also available in a quartz and tumbled and bush hammered variation, this new range has been a real stunner and a hit so far. Markle Marble is the terracotta-colour 

A heady mix of warm hues, redolent of the colours and aromas of Fatima's homeland, Morocco.
We've conjured a tagine-ful of cayenne, cumin, saffron with just a smattering of aniseed, to create this tribute to a colleague's heartland.

Malina Range by Gatherco

These incredible tiles from GatherCo are around 150-year-old reclaimed terracotta roof tiles from Serbia. The tiles are removed by hand from old buildings then cleaned up, graded and cut into these beautiful shapes.
Ingrained with stories, they exude a character that you simply cannot replicate with the manufactured tiles of today.
Each shape is available in a light, dark, or mixed blend of tones.
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