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Tile Trends Set to Take Over in 2024

As the years go by, we see a multitude of tile trends come and go. Some stick around for a while, while others fade into obscurity. We - The Byzantine Design Team - have carefully curated a list of our personal predictions for what will be hot and trendy this year but is also sure to bring timeless beauty and so much character to your projects. The best part is, we have all of the collections showcased, so if you fall in love with any of the projects photographed below send us an inquiry!

1. Groovy 70s Vibes

Well, it’s not exactly a prediction but a fact that the 70's, along with the 80's and 90's has been making a huge comeback in terms of fashion. Bell-Bottom Jeans, Clogs, Pantsuits, over-the-knee boots... you name it. Our prediction is that this trend will flow into the tile world hard this year. Bold, earthy tones and geometric patterns taking center stage. Think burnt oranges, mustard yellows, and deep greens. These tiles will add warmth, colour, character and personality to any space. An era that’s come and gone, but is more popular now than ever and will be forever timeless when it comes to inspiring the interior design world.

 2. 70s Glam

Okay, hear us out. Groovy 70's and Glam 70s are completely different things. We showed you Groovy 70s tile ideas and inspiration, all about the warm tones and deep colours. 70's Glam is a whole other level of extravaganza, think soft but striking colours, patterns and shapes. Modernism has been very much about simplicity and neutrality, so our prediction is that we’ll be merging best of both worlds to create the perfect modern take on the classic 70s classic glam style.

3. Perfectly Imperfect - Handmade Tiles

In an age where everything is mass-produced, there's something to be said for the beauty and uniqueness of handmade items. We're predicting that handmade tiles will become increasingly popular in 2024, with their colour variation, cracks, chips and texture all telling a unique story and bringing the beauty of traditional craftsmanship into an already beautiful face to make it even more unique.

4. Marble - But Not What You Think

Okay, we all know carrara marble hit us in the face like a brick wall in terms of popularity in the 2010s, and for good reason. It is of the highest of quality and aesthetically stunning, but from a 2020s perspective where style, fashion and design has become bold, electric and all about showcasing the most fun parts of our personality, we predict that the use of marble this year and for the next while will be all about the breathtakingly coloured marbles in different shapes and sizes. Deep reds, greens, moody blacks and everything in between. Would you agree?


In conclusion, we're excited to see what the tile world has in store for us in 2024. Whether you're a 70's lover, an earthy neutrals person, love a modern look or lean towards traditional beauty, our tile shop has you covered. Come and visit us to see our range of tiles and start planning your dream space!

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