Steve Cordony

Steve Cordony


With a signature style that juxtaposes contemporary with a refined, traditional classicism, Steve has created a range which imbues his aesthetic, and also allows the designs to seamlessly work within a myriad of different environments.

"I am constantly observing shapes and patterns around me. Whether I am working on any of my projects or travelling, everything from a window grate in India to an iron lantern in South Africa has shaped the collection with these graphic memories forming the basis of lineal patterns and graphic expressions. I started sketching shapes and patterns on everything from paper napkins to my many notepads. From there I worked them up in Photoshop to see how the repeat patterns worked. From there we chose the particular marble we wanted to use and started sampling.

"Tiles have been a decorative staple for centuries, and I love the fact that by using a graphic element on the floor or wall in a bathroom or kitchen splash back you can create a focal point and layered texture within a room to build upon. It's a great starting point."

Crisp, clean lines and graphic forms consistently identify Steve Cordony's work. His sophisticated design is at the cutting edge of trends while always imbuing a sense of traditional classicism.

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