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  • C6 Fluoro-Seal - Low VOC - Water-Based Formula
  • Used & Trusted by Professionals - The Gold Standard
  • Rapid-Seal STS to provide stain resistance in 4 hours
  • Maximum Stain Resistance Against Oil, Food and Grime
  • Natural Look - Non-Yellowing - Non-Coating - Non Toxic
  • Reduces Freeze/Thaw Damage, Spalling and Efflorescence
  • Inhibits Mould and Mildew - Ideal To Use As A Pre-Sealer

AQUA-SEAL GOLD+ Used & trusted by Professionals. Perfect for when you need to make the right sealer choice. Provides Maximum Stain Resistance against oil, food and grime. Inhibits mould and mildew growth. AQUA-SEAL GOLD+ is a below-surface, penetrating type, natural-look sealer. It is water-based and non-flammable. It is non-yellowing, non-coating and UV resistant. It can be used as a pre-grouting sealer to help prevent grout haze and grout staining. Reduces freeze/thaw damage, spalling and efflorescence (salt deposits). It is breathable and allows excellent Moisture Vapour Transmission. Formulated with the latest Nano-AQS plus Rapid-Seal STS Technology. Provides maximum stain protection in 4 hours (Rapid Seal).

For porous surfaces e.g. all-natural stone like basalt, bluestone, granite, limestone, marble, quartzite, sandstone, slate, travertine etc plus porcelain tiles, encaustic tiles, terrazzo, concrete, pavers, saltillo, grout and other surfaces where a natural look and maximum stain and water resistance is required.

Safe to use in food preparation and serving areas. For indoor, outdoor, domestic & commercial areas.

For high traffic, commercial or food areas or where premium performance/stain resistance is required, for a natural look use AQUA-SEAL GOLD+ and for a colour-enhanced, enriched look use ENHANCE 'N' SEAL.

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